I truly do not know where to begin. Here is a little background story:
I went to high school with Taylor and Dan - and had the privilege to watch their love story unfold. Come my freshman year of college, I started school at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where Taylor played a HUGE role in my life. She was an incredible support system and spiritual encourager to me during a tough time. Okay, now fast forward to summer ---- Taylor and I were hanging out when we made the grand decision to run through a cornfield (how Nebraska of us, I know). We talked and talked and talked about her future with Dan, our dream weddings, and just other SUPER girly things, ya know. Little did we know, the very next day Dan was coming into Nebraska from Texas to ask Taylor to be his wife. Because we were all living in different places at the time, we did their engagement shoot the very next night.. And where did we do the session? Funny you ask. We went back to that very same cornfield we had just been to two days ago. Yeah, the one where Taylor told me all about the future she prayed for with Dan.
// You two. You are two of the best humans I know. I cannot wait to document your special day. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.