My biggie. Maddy has played a very significant role in my life for the past year. She's my big (in our sorority at Baylor) and has been such a constant in my world. She makes me laugh harder than just about anyone I know and that's probably my favorite thing to find in a person. 

Maddy, I love you to the moon and am so thankful to be your tiny. I'm not going to say much about missing you when you graduate because crying isn't my thing. But I love you I love you I love you and am so beyond thankful for who you are to me. 

PS: At the end of her shoot we heard a sweet voice say "Hey! Can I photo bomb you?" - And you wouldn't believe it.. It was the cutest man you had ever seen - Mr. Ken Starr. Because how else would you want to end your senior photo shoot than with the Baylor President himself?